"A few years after Dr. Khalifa's departure, Dr. AliReza Fazely, and Milan Sulc, came up with different forms of mathematics that have not been experienced by any human being on earth before. Namley "Ultimate Mathematics", which proves the locations of the chapters and verses in the Arabic Quran. What you are about to read is the Mathematical proof given to them by Allah's Grace, which proves that chapter 9 has only 127 verses not 129."


Evidence for removing the Two False Verses from the Quran

"Ultimate Mathematics"

Tampering with the Word of God

Chater 9 has 127 verses





The Smoke

Chapter 44 in the Quran is called THE SMOKE. It is the last sign of the end of the world before the invasion of Gog and Magog and eventual expiration of our physical universe. Sura 44 is on of the H.M. initialed suras. If we look at the counts of Hís and Mís, we find that there are 16 Hís, 150 Mís and a total of 166 Hís + Mís. All these numbers including the sura number and composites. The index of 44 is 29, the index of 16 is 9, the index of 150 is 114, the index of 166 is 127. These numbers in this sura are telling us mathematically that there is a book (Quran) with 114 chapters and 29 of them are initialed and its 9th chapter has 127 verses. God be praised.


Eleven Planets

God gives news about the future to a messenger that He chooses [7]. Accordingly, God taught Joseph the interpretation of dreams and informed him about his future through dreams. We all know his history from the Quran, that he dreamt as a child that ELEVEN PLANETS and the sun and the mood are prostrating to him [8]. Let us look at the Arabic word ELEVEN PLANETS (AHADA AíSHAR KOAKABAN). The sequential value of the word KOAKABA is 31. Remember that the 11the prime is 31 and the 1131st prime is 9127. Sura 9 has 127 verses and God is actually telling us that in our solar system there are eleven planets. The last planet we know is Pluto, which is the ninth planet. Since its discovery in this century, it has only completed a forth of its orbit around the sun. Its period for one complete orbit is 248 years. There has been a consensus among astronomers that the wobble in Neptuneís in our solar system can not be explained by nine planets. Because of the wobble in the orbit of Neptune and more recently that of Pluto, there may be a tenth planet. This is because the gravity of the tenth planet causes distortions in the orbits of Neptune and Pluto. Direct observation of a tenth planet is a formidable task, because of the lack of sun light at the outer edge of our solar system and heavy light interference from the background stars and galaxies. But the biggest problem is where in the sky one would look for this planet.


Chapters 9 and 27,

Missing Basmilah and the Extra Basmilah,

Awesome Mathematical relations

Last Ramadan, we were all blessed by God to see the miraculous base-independent number system of the Quranís numerical structure. Base eight showed us that although, it is not transparent from a number which base it is written in, the key Quranic numbers such as 19, 76, 114, 152, 337, 352, 431, 521, etc... transform in a way to preserve Quranic facts [1]. With the advent of the Quranic importance of the "octal" base number system, we have also witnessed a few other awesome mathematical relations between key Quranic numbers independent of a numerical base system. For example base 6, which was mentioned in the last month issue and base 9 mentioned, also in the last month issue [2]. These were in response to a group who make the comment that the decimal number system was not invented at the time of the revelation of the Quran. As though God was not aware of the decimal system!!

Let me repeat what we already know about chapters 9 and 27, with regards to the missing Opening Statement (Basmilah) and the extra Basmilah. We know that from 9 to 27 there are 19 chapters, inclusively.

We also know that

9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17+18+19+20+21+22+23+29+25+26+27 = 342

And 342 = 18 x 19. Furthermore, 342 is exactly the number Arabic words between the first and the second Basmilah in sura 27 [3].

We also know that number 9 is explicitly mentioned twice in chapter 27, namely 27:12 and 27:48. The proximity of these two verses with respect to the extra Basmilah in 27:30 is designed that from 12 to 30 there are 19 verses inclusively and so is between 30 and 48. More over,

27+12+27+30+27+48= 171 =9x 19. [4]

Again we see that the coefficient of 19 is 9. All these pointing in the direction of some mathematical relation between 9 and 342. Now let us assume that 342 was actually in base 9 instead of base 10. If we were to transform 342 from base 9 to base 10 we get 281. The reader may remember that 281 is the 19th twin prime and it is the index of composite 352 which is the grammatical value of the word Quran and if written in octal it is 431 which is the grammatical value of the word Furqan. Also, 352 written in base 9 is 431 [5]. Note that Ramadan is the 9th month and Quran was revealed in Ramadan. Glory be to God, Creator of all things.


Counts of Letters are Divinely Controlled

Count of each letter in the Quran is divinely controlled well beyond our capability. No one can understand the Quran except if he or she is sincere [10] and the count of letters is only possible by a person who has been divinely guided [11]. Let us look at the number of initials A, L, M in suras 29 and 31. These two suras are twin primes and their indices are 10 and 11, respectively.

What we about to discover together is that every digit assigned to a number in the Quran is by divine design and if God says 2 for example, He means 2 and not 1 + 1. 1 tabulate the counts of Aís, Lís and Mís in suras 29 and 31 and the counts of Aís, Lís and Rís in chapters 10 and 11 in the following table, we therefore have [11]:

Chapter number
Chapter number

Note that both 10 and 11 contain the same number of initials. There are several awesome mathematical miracles in the above table and was reported previously [12]. Now let us look deeper into Table I, and sum up the digits of the initials. We have:

Sura 29 7+7+4+5Ī5+4+3+4+4 = 43

Sura 31 3+4+7+2+9+7+1+7+3 = 43

Sura 10 1+3+1+9+9+1+3+2+5+7 = 41

Sura 11 1+3+7+0+7+9+4+3+2+5 = 41

Just the fact that we started with the twin prime 29 and 31 and ended up with 41 and 43 the next

twin prime, is amazing, but there is a lot more. Number 43 is the key. This number is related to

2489. Sura 43 is the 24th initialed sura and it has 89 verses and note that the 24th prime number is 89 let us praise God. Furthermore, 41 is the 13th prime number and sura 13 has 43 verses.

After I presented this miracle here in Baton Rouge at the Jumuíah khutbah, Saied informed me that if you count the number of Mís in the H. M. initialed chapters, from 43 to 46, we get 899 =29 x 31 which goes back suraís 29 and 31 with which we started with. The number of Hís is 127 which is the 31st prime number. We already know that 127 + 899 = 1026 = 19 x 54 [11].

That night these two numbers 899 and 127 and their connections to sura 43 kept me occupied until God blessed us again. Let us concatenate 899 and 127, we get 899127. Remember we started with 43, therefore, if we put 43 in front of the above number, we get:


A student of the Quran probably ably recognizes this as the reaffirmation that the Quran with chapter 43 having 89 verses MUST HAVE THE CHAPTER 9 WITH 127 VERSES. Note here that a concatenation of 899 and 127 in the above manner is only possible for a language which is written from right to left such as Arabic. Let us praise God, Creator of all things.


Awesome Mathematics Proves Again

Sura 9 has 127 Verses

GOD declares again as in so many ways that sura 9 has only 127 verses. This time GOD has a warning and explicitly exposes the falsifiers as disbeliveers in the hereafter. If we look at the number of verses from sura 9, where the missing opening statement occurs to the end of sura 27, where the missing opening statement is compensated, we have the following numbers:

127+109+123+111+43+52+99+128+111+ 110+98+135+112+78+118+64+

77+227+93 = 2015.

Note here that 2015 is a composite number and its index is 1709 [5]. Remember that 1709 is the total grammatical value of all of the initials in the Quran. This number refers to the seven pairs which signifies the number of lunar years that has to be completed before this physical universe expires willingly by GODís command. Furthermore, our Creator explicitly in His conservation with Moses mentions in 20:15 that:

"The Hour is surely coming, I keep it almost hidden, for each soul must be paid for its


Note that if sura 9 had 129 verses this Ultimate Mathematics would collapse. This is how GOD has coded the Quran and protected from the slightest distortion [6]. Truly, GOD is Omnipotent.


Relation between 19 and 68

The last initialed sura in the Quran is sura 68. If we add up all the sura numbers up to and including sura 68 we get 2346. This is called the "arithmetic progression" from 1 to 68. I show you how you can calculate it for any number. Assume the number you wish to calculate the arithmetic progression is N then the sum of all the numbers from 1 to N is:

S = N x (N + l) / 2

For example for N = 68, we have:

S = 68 x (68 + 1)/2 = 68 x 69/2 = 2346.

We also know sum of the verses from chapter 1 to 19 is 2346. The index of composite 2346 is 1998 and sura 19 has 98 verses [7]. Note here again that the number of numbered verses up to and including chapter 19 signifies 68 as a special sum, which we know as being the last initialed sura. I must emphasize here that this relation only holds if sura 9 has 127 verses. GOD is All Knowing.


Ultimate Mathematics

By GODís leave, Saied noted the following awe-some mathematical relations in the Quran which are based on Ultimate Mathematics, which we have been discussing, exclusively, here in Journal of Submission. Saied counted the number of verses between 9 and 13, inclusively and made the following table. Note that the missing opening statement of sura 9 has been compensated in sura 27, verse 30. It happens that the 13th initialed sura is chapter 27.


Columns (I) & (2) are chapters and their corresponding verses.

Column (3) are the prime composite indices of (2).

Column (4) sum of digits in (1)

Column (5) sum of digits in (2).

The 1st three numbers in column (3) correspond to chapters. 9-11 (11 is the 19th number in the Quran) and: 31+29+92=152.

From 9 to 13 there are 5 chís and 513 = 27 x 19. Chapter 27 is 13th initialed chapter and is initialized with TS; the grammatical value of T =9, and its frequency in sura 27 is also 27. It provides another connection to chapter 9.

The indices in column (3) are corresponding to prime verses in column (2): 31 + 29+ 14 = 74

(sura 74 is where number l9 is mentioned), and their chapter numbers: 127 + 109 + 43 = 279, a

concatenation of 27 and 9. All indices add up to 247 = 13 x 19.

36 is 19th initialed ch. The count of their initials are 798 and 285 respectively, and 798 - 285 =


Verse 13 in chapter 9 is the 9th verse that God has been mentioned and it is also the 13th word God from the beginning of this chapter.

The 1st 9 in chapter 27 is mentioned in verse 12, and 912=48 x 19. That pins down the locations of the other in verse 48, which is symmetrically placed around 27:30.

The sum of verses from chapter 11 to chapter 19 is 875; (sura 8 has 75 verses) and the 875th word GOD is mentioned in verse 6:19.

Therefore, we see that chapter 9 must have 127 verses and people who fight these mathematical proofs from GOD, are toying with GODís miracles beyond our understandings. All praises are due to GOD, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

After I received the above awe-some mathematics from Saied, I went ahead and added up the number of chapters from 9 to 13, we get:

9+10+11+12+13 = 55.

We know from the above table that the sum of the digits in these sum numbers add up to 19. The number 5519 happens to be the index of the composite 6346, which is the true number of verses in the Quran. Let us praise GOD.



Another Awesome Mathematical Relation

Once again, we have awesome news of GODís Signs from His EVER-EXPANDING FORGIVENESS upon us humans. ĎThere is no end to His Forgiveness and it is beyond our wildest imagination stretching beyond infinities. Quran with its amazing expanse of the 19-based mathematical code glorifies and magnifies its Author. The Almighty speaks to us through mathematics beyond our capability, yet simple to understand. Again, we must remember that GOD has counted the number of all things arid has assigned a number to everything [1] Through these numbers, who have submitted to GOD's magnificent system, GOD shows His Unending Grace and Beauty.

The mathematical Signs we are about to witness together are in conjunction with sura 1 9, the only sura in the Quran with five (5) letters in its set of initials (K.H.AY.A.S). In the following Table. the initialed suras are shown up to and including sura 27.

Number Sum Number



If you count all the numbered verses up to and including sura 19 we get 2346. Which is the 1998th composite and we know that chapter 19 has 98 verses. Now the new Sign is how 2346 breaks down into initialed and uninitiated verses from the beginning of the Quran. We call all of the verses in the initialed suras as initialed verses and all of the verses in the uninitiated suras as uninitiated verses. Therefore, the sum of the uninitiated verses up to sura 19 is:

7+176+120+165+75+ 127+128+111 + 110= 1019

From Table I, note that 10th initialed sura is number 19. Glory be to GOD. If we do the same exercise on the initialed verses we get:

286+200+206+109+123+111+43+52+99+98 = 1327

Again, from Table I, note that the 13th initialed sura is number 27. Praise be to GOD. These Signs are fixing the position of suras 19 and 27 (the only sura with two opening statements) and relating them to number of initialed and uninitiated verses up to sura 19 which is the base of the Quranic mathematical code. Note that these numbers also insure that chapter 9 must have 127 verses.


Awesome Mathematical Signs

Saied Andalib noted the following mathematical signs by GODís Infinite Grace. Let the order of a verse be the number of times GOD is mentioned in that verse. (e.g., verses of order 0/2, have 0/2 frequencies of the word GOD, respectively)

These Signs again in connection with chapter 9 and its number of "authorized" verses which is


Starting with verse 126, the last 0-ordered verse (a verse where the word GOD is not mentioned)

and count backward, we find that the 12th such verse is verse 73; pointing to 1273, which is the

frequency of the word GOD until the end of chapter 9.

Now we do the same exercise with the Ordered verses (the verses where the word GOD has been mentioned at least once) starting with verse 127 and counting towards the beginning, we find the following simple facts:

36th such verse is 83,

63th such verse is 46. and

76th such verse is 31,

These are controlling parameters submitting to GOD telling us that chapter 36 has 83 verses; total number of verses as authorized by GOD is 6346, and chapter 76 has 31 verses. Such is the design of The Almighty, Creator of all things. All praises are due to Him alone.


Awesome Mathematical Sign

Lonely Primes Control Number of Verses

by GODís Command

GODís Mercy and Grace continues to provide for us Signs beyond our wildest imaginations. GODís Power, which is the only Force in existence and there is no other force proves to us that the number of verses in suras in the Quran must be exactly what they are and nothing else. Let us look at sura 13 and 31. We note immediately that 31 is the reverse of 13. We find that chapter 13 has 43 verses and that chapter 13 has 34 verses. We note that 43 is also the reverse of 34. These are simple observations that one can readily make. Now if we look at the position of uninitiated suras in the Quran, we note that the 13th untilled sura is chapter 24 and the 31st uninitiated sura is 59. If we look at sura 59, we note that it has 24 verses. Now, if we count all the verses from 13:1 to 59:24 we see that there are 3443 verses. Note from the above that 13 has 43 verses and 31 has 34 verses. This is GODís design. If we count the number of verses from 13:1 to 24:59, we note that there are 1143 verses.

1143 = 9 x 127 (1)

We know that chapter 9 has 127 verses. Furthermore, 1143 is the index of composite 1362. Verse 9:127 is the 1362nd numbered verse from the beginning of the Quran.

Now this is also connected to chapter 19. We note that 13th integer in the Quran is 19 and 191 (191 referring to 19:1) is the 43rd prime number and chapter 13 has 43 verses. We also can verify that 191st lonely prime is 2137, which is the 322nd prime and if we add it to its index we get

2137+322 = 2459 (2)

The number 2459 is another lonely prime and it happens to the 221 such prime. These numbers directly connect verses 19:1 to 22:1. I just remind the reader that lonely primes are the primes when we remove all twin primes from the set of primes. Therefore, the first lonely prime is 2 and second is 23 and the third is 37 and so on. All praises are due to GOD, Creator of all thing. He is The One, The Supreme.


Awesome Mathematical Sign GOD Insists:

Chapter 9 has 127 verses Intricacy of GOD's Mathematical Signs

Letter from the editor:

We have known for a long time that chapter 9 in the Quran has 127 verses. We have also learned recently, by GOD's Grace, that not only chapter 9 has to have 127 verses, but that every sura (chapter) in the Quran is ought to have the specific number of verses that we see in the "Hefdh" (memorized) Quran. The "Hefdh" version of the Quran is the only version of the Quran approved by GOD [1], as far as the number of chapters and the number of verses are concerned. GOD informs us that He has sent us this reminder and He, most assuredly is "Hafedhoon". Here the phraseology of the Quran is extremely important to note that GOD uses the word "Hafedhoon" which has the root "Hafadha" meaning to keep something or to remember something. Now, again, back to why 9 has to have 127 verses.

We have seen many mathematical Signs from GOD why sura 9 must have 127 verses. But GOD never runs out of proof and He calms our hearts to reassure us that we may become believers. We know that verse 9:127 is the 1362nd verse from the beginning of the Quran and that 1362 is the 1143rd composite and we have:

1143 = 9 x 127

This is only part of the story. Note that sura 9 is uninitialled sura and 9:127 happens to be the 670th uninitialled verse from the beginning of the Quran. If we subtract this number from 1362 which is the total number verses upto and including 9:127 we get 692 which is the number of initialled verses as we would expect. But, if we subtract 670 from 1143 which is the index of 1362:

1143 - 670 = 473

and from GOD's Bounty we find that:

473 = 11 x 43

Futhermore, verse 11:43 in the Quran is the 1514th numbered verse from the beginning of the book. Obviously 1514 is a composite and it happens to be the 1273rd composite. The reader should note that the 1273rd frequency of the word GOD occurs in 9:127. All praises are due to GOD, Creator of all things.

Once again, humility overwhelms us when we are faced by these awesome Signs from our Creator. We shall glorify and thank GOD day and night and ask Him to keep us on the straight path. We must always remember that there is no power, except what is GOD's [2].

GOD Has Appointed us Rulers on Earth

GOD created Adam from black mud and appointed him as the first ruler on earth. He then commanded the angels to fall prostrate before GOD's appointee on earth. They all obeyed GOD, except for Satan, he turned arrogant and refused to be with the prostraters. GOD, then banishes Satan from the Higher Society, but respites him until the end of this physical universe to push his point that the choice of Adam as a ruler by GOD, was not a good one. This comes from the fact that Satan does not believe in GOD's Infinite Wisdom and does not recognize Him as The All Wise.

GOD warns us about Satan's tricks and enticements. If we ever fall for Satan's tricks, we have chosen him as our god, and we will follow him to hell. GOD also tells us that Satan has no power over His believing servants. This is to inform us that we can not blame our actions in this world on the devil and say, for example, "the devil made me do it".


More Mathematical Signs From GOD

GOD has described to us in the Quran that this book can only be from Him and no one else. We have been trying to show that it is not only the literal sense or its mathematical composition which can not be imitated, but that the mathematics used in the Quran is beyond our capability. Let me give another example of many examples given before in this journal.

The number of verses from beginning of the Quran to 19:98 which is the end of sura 19 is 2346 and 1998 is the index of 2346. If we count the number of verses from 9:1 to 19:98 we find that there are 1111 verses and if we do the same exercise from 9:1 to 23:46 we find that there are 1482 verses. The intricacy of GOD's Wisdom becomes evident when we note that verse 11:11 is the 1482nd verses from the beginning of the Quran.

We also learnt, by GOD's leave in the 5th issue, volume 4 of this journal that if we look at the initialled verses upto and including 11:11, we find that this verse is the 812th such verse. This number is a composite and its index is 670. We also note that 670th uninitialled verse from the beginning of the Quran is 9:127. Therefore, 1482 is partitionable into a composite and its index such that the index is referring to 9 having 127 verses. Note that 1482 is the number of frequency of the initials in sura 13. All praises are due to GOD, Creator of all things.


Signs for Initial Chapters


Saied Andalib, by GOD's Grace, found these new relations between the initial chapters in the Quran.

We know the sum of the sura numbers of the initial chapters is 822 and that the sum of their verses is 2743. Numbers 27 and 43 are both related to 13. 27 is 13'th initial chapter and 43 is the number of verses in chapter 13.

From 27 to 43 there are 12 initialed chapters. The sum of these 12 chapters and their verses is 1243, similar to 5 chapters 9 through 13 where there are 5 chapters and the last one being 13 and 513 = 19 x 27 is the total number of verses in these 5 chapters.

1243 = 11 x 113, and 113 being the 30th prime, 30 is also the number of verses of 89, which happens to be the number of verses in sura 43. Number 11 with 43 relates back to 9 and 127, i.e. 1143 = 9 x 127.

The sum of the remaining 17 initialed chapters and their verses is interestingly

(822 + 2743) - 1243 = 2 x 27 x 43 !

The number of A's and L's in the ALM + ALR + ALMR chapters (6 ALM's + 5 ALR's + ALMR in chapter 13) is

24890 = 10 x 2489

which coincides with the count of initials in chapter 10.

The ALM initials of chapter 31 are:

31 347 297 173

The sum of the reverses of these 4 numbers is:

13 + 743 + 792 + 371 = 1919

All praises are due GOD, Creator of all things.


Ultimate Mathematics (Hessaban Shadeedan) Awesomeness of GOD's Mathematical Signs GOD Insists About 9:127

Letter from the editor:

GOD revealed His final scripture, the Quran, during the month of Ramadan. This revelation is a unique book having a property, never seen in any other literary work with 29 chapters having letters as first and in one case second verse, referred to as "initialed" suras. These letters constitute a mathematical code authored by the Almighty that proves its divine source. The mathematical code is based on the number 19. The first initialed sura is number 2 and the last one is sura 68. The number of verses in every sura is mathematically coded and the positions and number of verses are divinely controlled. This is to reassure us that we are reading a book with the ultimate "best" intention for our well-being and prosperity in this world and most importantly for our "hereafter" which constitutes the real life.

Let us count all the initialed verses from 19:1 to 68:52, we find that there are 1514 such verses. The number 1514 is a composite and it is the 1273rd composite. Note that 1273 is the frequency of word "Allah" until the end of sura 9. Furthermore, 1514 number verse from the beginning of the Quran is verse 11:43. Remember that:

1143 = 9 x 127

Therefore, the number of initialed verses from 19:1 to 68:52 which is the last verse in the last initialed sura testifies that sura 9 has 127 verses. GOD insists upon perfecting His light despite those who set up partners for GOD[1].

This takes us back to chapter 9 having 127 verses. In sura 74 verse 30, GOD tells us that "Over it is 19". Accordingly, the order of writing the digits 9, 1, 2 and 7 happens to be the 19th permutation of these four digits in ascending order. All praises are due to GOD, Creator of all things.

GOD's Land is Spacious The Meaning of "Al-Ardh' in the Quran

GOD created in His Infinite Wisdom the heavens and the earth according to a perfect design. GOD tells us that the skies and the "land" were one solid mass and He separated them. GOD tells that His "land" is spacious, and we should worship Him alone. He also tells us that He created all the living things from water. After GOD has increased our knowledge through the Hobble telescope and new information from the Mars lander and radar imaging of the ice on the moon, we realize that GOD has stored provisions for humans throughout the universe and it is not limited to earth as we wrongly believed.

Our galaxy, the Milky Way has a diameter of 100,000 light years. Very recently, there is news that there is a smaller galaxy, about a tenth of Milky Way is in a state of collision with it. Do not be alarmed, it takes 100,000 years to travel from one end of the Milky Way to the other end, if one goes at the speed of light. There are more than a hundred billion stars in our galaxy and we have information of planets like earth and mars revolving around them. We already know that there is water on mars, and GOD has given us the know-how to make a planet like mars habitable for ourselves.

GOD also talks about mountains, and we know that mountains are not unique to earth and it is a feature of the rocky planets and their moons. GOD tells us that all mountains will be wiped out. He has created us from dust and we know that there has been exchanges between different bodies in the universe. In other words, we are created from "star dust". Such is GOD's creation and He teaches us what we do not know, according to His Infinite Wisdom and at the "right" time. All praises are due to GOD, Creator of all things.


Ultimate Mathematics (Hessaban Shadeedan) Awesomeness of GOD's Mathematical Signs

GOD's revelation of the Quran in a given language, namely Arabic, is to point to us that GOD means what He says, GOD does everything for a reason, GOD is the All Wise, and He is fully aware of all things. He further tells us that understanding the Quran is independent of language and GOD is the one who teaches the Quran to those who sincerely seek Him.

The Quran according to GOD, its Author, is a complete and fully detailed book. It is the only book which can be called "book of GOD". People who bring examples and references for religion or religious practices from books other than Quran are teaching GOD about their religion.

49:16 -- Are you teaching GOD about your religion? GOD knows what is the skies and what is in the land GOD is All Knowledgeable of everything.

GOD has chosen the religion of Submission for us. [6] We need GOD for "everything". We cannot even be thankful to GOD on our own, GOD is the One who makes us be thankful to Him. Please read sura 27 and pay attention to Solomon's prayer in 27:19.

In this article, I will introduce you to a mathematical Sign which explains why GOD has chosen Arabic, and how this confirms number of verses in three suras in the Quran and emphasizes that since Prophet Muhammad was the recipient of the Quran, then Sura 9 has to have 127 verses.

Let us look at the suras 43 to 46. Remember that seven suras in the Quran, namely 40 through 46 are initialed with the two Arabic letters "Ha" and "Meem". The following table shows the frequency of these letters from 43 to 46. Note that the sequence of Ha and Meem is from right to left as in the Arabic text. This becomes apparent as we proceed.

Sura No.

Frequency of Occurrence

Meem Ha
















If we put number 43, the sura number we started with in front of 899 127, we get


This number tells us that sura 43 has 89 verses and sura 9 has 127 verses. If we perform the following operation;

9127 - 4389 = 4738

Note that 4738 tells us that sura 47 has 38 verses. Also

4738 = 23 x 2 x 103

The indices of these prime factors are

9 1 27

We. therefore, are back to sura 9 having 127 verses. This is GOD's Design. Also, please note the name of Sura 47 which is Muhammad. GOD is telling us that the Quran revealed to Muhammad has 127 verses in sura 9. All praises shall be directed to GOD, Creator of all things.


GOD Insists: Sura 9 has 127 Verses Digit Reproduction

Letter from the Editor:

GOD has shown us again with His Mercy that we are on the straight path and that we must preach the message of "worshiping GOD Alone". GOD gives us reassurance that His word is eternal and nothing shall abrogate His word. In a vein and blasphemous attempt, the people who idolize prophet Muhammad against his wishes, tried to elevate him to rank with GOD and attributed two of The Almighty's perfect names to him. These two GOD's Names are "All Compassionate" and "All Merciful". However, GOD has exposed the falsifiers with a mathematics that cannot be imitated by anyone, and yet it is easily explainable to others. I have referred to this mathematics as Ultimate Mathematics. The number system of the Quran keeps it intact by GOD's command. Let me explain how this is done.

The number of verses where the word GOD has been mentioned until 9:127 is 790. The number 790 is 2698 written in base 19. We know that 2698 is the frequency of the word GOD in the entire Quran. The number of verses until the end of sura 9 is 1362. The index of composite 1362 is 1143 and

1143 = 9 x 127

The number of verses with a prime number as the verse number until 9:127 is 317 and

790 - 317 = 473 = 11 x 43

The number 9127 is a prime and its index is 1131. If we subtract 790 from 1131 we get:

1131 - 790 = 341 = 11 x 31

GOD be praised. This is how digits pointing to 9:127 are being reproduced over and over again by GOD's leave. All praise belong to GOD.

Cry of God Fearing People in Quran and Throughout the Ages


Ultimate Mathematics (Hessaban Shadeedan)

GOD Insists: Sura 9 has 127 Verses

GOD has again revealed an awe-some sign giving us proof in the Quran of His Omni-science through the Ultimate Mathematics. Saied Andalib was blessed by GOD to note the following mathematical Sign in the Quran. This again points to GOD's insistence upon perfecting His light despite the disbelievers. [1]

I should emphasize that the mathematics introduced in this journal is not the ordinary mathematics of the elementary school level but a mathematics unknown to man and only known to GOD. In order to better understand this mathematics, please spend some time and study about prime numbers. The first time one comes across prime numbers and their properties is usually in the seventh grade. I remind you again that GOD's signs are infallible and cannot be performed, imitated or emulated by any one except those who are authorized by GOD.

Saied looked at all verses where the word Allah is mentioned. He recorded all the verse numbers with the word GOD and added them up. When he reached 2:83, the sum the verse number with the word GOD is 1362. This number is exactly the total number of numbered verses from the beginning of the Quran to 9:127. We know that the index of composite 1362 is 1143 and that:

1143 = 9 x 127

This is only half of the story as it was previously known to us by GOD's Grace. What Saied did was to count the number of verses from 2:83 to 9:127, He found that there are 1273 verses. Remember that 1273 = 19 x 67 is the number of word GOD mentioned from the beginning of the Quran to 9:127. Glory be to GOD, Creator of all things.



The above title has been the theme of this Journal for the past many issues. This is GOD's persistence to warn us that His word has to be obeyed for the good of mankind. Just imagine two verses praising prophet Muhammad is so devastating to the "truth" of the universe that GOD has implemented such an elaborate mathematical structure for the Quran to expose the falsifiers.

Unfortunately, people continue to add and/or delete GOD's word and make substitutions according to their own personal desires and prejudices This matter is very serious and GOD will question those who practice such works on the day of judgment. GOD tells us in the Quran that His word is complete and fully detailed and He does not need scholars and self styled religious leaders to explain His word to others. GOD tells us that He teaches the Quran.

Understanding the Quran is not because of hard work and long labor, but because of submission to GOD and sincerity. Any other approach to the Quran makes it impossible to learn and GOD veils our eyes and instills deafness in our ears and we will be prevented from understanding.

The prohibitions that today's Muslims practice have nothing to do with the word of GOD as He has revealed to us in the Quran. Are these not additions and/or deletion to/of the word of GOD? These practices bring misery and disaster in this world and the eternal punishment of GOD in the hereafter.

Let me now tell you about a revelation of GOD to preserve the Quran as GOD has promised in the Quran,

15:9 -- Surely, We have revealed the reminder and indeed We are its protector.

The mathematics again preserve the number of verses in the Quran and points to chapter nine having 127 verses.

The number of the verses where the word "Allah" (GOD) has been mentioned until 9:127 is 790. I will remind the reader about what we know concerning 790 which has been published in previous issues of this Journal. If you assume that the number 790 is written in base 19, then if we write it in base 10 it will be 2698. The number 2698 is the total number of word "Allah" in the entire Quran, excluding the two added verses.

The 790th "lonely prime" is 9619. The reader immediately recognizes that chapter 96, the first revealed sura, has 19 verses. Furthermore, 9619 is the 1187th prime number and 1187 happens to be a "lonely prime" as well, and it happens to be the 114th "lonely prime". You recognize that 114 is the number of chapters in the Quran. The 1131st prime number is 9127, and

1131 - 790 = 341 341 = 11 x 31

These are some of the items about the number 790 in the Quran in order to refresh your memory. Now let us look at sura number 7 and 13 in the Quran and how GOD has given us a hint and how He relates these two suras through number 790. The first observation one makes about sura 7 and 13 is that both these suras start with the initials A, L. M., but do not belong to the six A.L.M.-initialed suras. Sura 7 includes the letter "Saad" and sura 13 includes the letter "Raa" in their initials. Furthermore, the 7th initialed sura is sura 13. We know that the total frequency of the initials A, L, M, and R usage in sura 13 is 1482. The total number of verses in the initialed suras to the end of chapter 7 is 692 and,

1482 - 692 = 790

We see that we are back to the number 790 which is the number of verses where the word Allah is mentioned until 9:127. Such is GOD's design, the Creator of all things.

Worshiping GOD Alone and Obeying His Commandments Equal Success

Many people complain and lament about their everyday lives and go as far as that there is no justice in this world and many fall into disbelief and rebellion against GOD. Many people believe that the entire universe is based on a crap shoot game and happy people are just "lucky". These groups fall into superstitions and carry good-luck charms or a rabbit foot to obtain luck and prosperity.

GOD tells us in the Quran that everything bad that happens to us is because of our own deeds. In other words, we, as humans, must look inwards and examine our lives and ask GOD to guide us to find out what it is we are doing wrong. Are we worshiping GOD alone or we are praising prophets, saints, imams and our leaders everyday of our life? If we are worshiping GOD alone, are we obeying His commandments? Are the children who are supposed to be a source of joy for us results of unrighteous acts? Does the money we earn come from a source of good or is it from usury, stealing or other illicit earnings? Are we practicing homosexuality or when we see it being practiced all around us, do we condone it? Are we advocating righteousness and forbidding evil? If we are females are we lengthening our garments and covering our chests? If we are men, do we take responsibility for women? Are we, being male or female subduing our eyes? These are a few examples of types of questions that we must ask ourselves and in fact, we owe it to ourselves to ask them frequently. Now if the answers to these questions are not fulfilling GOD's requirements, we have no one to blame but ourselves. How can we expect happiness and success if our earnings are illicit? How can we expect our children to be sources of joy if we are disbeliveers or the children are results of unrighteous and irresponsible affairs? Do we expect them to be good to us and be sources of pride and joy? Is it fair? These acts, if continued until death without repentance to GOD, will bring us misery for eternity and the severe punishment of hell.

Good news is that there is a way out. GOD tells that no matter what sins we have committed all we have to do is to repent to Him, and everything will be forgiven. The act of repentance means we have admitted that we were wrong and humbled ourselves to ask GOD's forgiveness. Remember that GOD gives us many chances to redeem ourselves and return to Him. He will then see to it that our situation will improve, and we will become happy and successful in this life. However, the best reward is the wages in the hereafter and bliss for eternity.

Please read the Quran carefully and ask GOD to increase your knowledge. Try to act in accordance with GOD's commandments. These are GOD's laws for our spritual well being. We must obey them for our own good. This is just like obeying GOD's physical laws. We must obey them in order to be able to build equipment, cars, planes, rockets, spaceships and other tools. We cannot go and jump off the 10th floor of a building and expect to stay unharmed. We must use an elevator or the stairs. GOD designed the gravity and we obey it, just as when we design an airplane, we must obey the laws of aerodynamics. Similarly, we cannot live happily by disobeying GOD's spiritual laws.

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