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Awesome New Infrmation About Obligatory Charity (Zakat)

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Here is what the Arabic Quran says, about the Messenger of The Covenant in (3:81-82):

Allah took a covenant from the prophets. "For what I have given you of the Scripture and Hikmat, then a messenger will come to you confirming, what you have. You shall believe in him, and help him." Allah said, "Do you confess, and take this heavy responsibility?" They said, "We confess." Allah said, "Then you bear witness, and I Am also with you amongst the witnesses." Then, whoever turns back after this, they are transgressors.

Recently I was reading the whole Chapter 3 of Malachi from Enjeel (The Bible). If you remember that was the chapter that talks about the "Messenger of The Covenant". Actually that chapter was for Dr. Khalifa, but he did not notice the important message in that chapter, peace be upon him. Here is what Malachi 3 says:

"I will send my messenger, who will prepare the way before Me. Then suddenly the Lord you are seeking will come to the temple and the "Messenger of the Covenant", (Dr. Khalifa) whom you desire, will come, says the Almighty Lord."

It is because of this prophecy in Malachi; they were waiting for him to come.

"But who can endure the day of his coming? And who will be able to stand when he appears? For, he will be like a refiner's fire and cleansing soap."

"And he will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver, and He shall purify the Nation of Ibrahim, the sons will be transported by Allah, and refines them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness".

As I mentioned before, all the messengers after Ibrahim were sent to "The sons will be transported by Allah, Bani Esra Eil", "The Nation of Ibrahim". That is why we were from more than 67 different countries at the time of Dr. Khalifa, and Allah is the only One Who could gather us all back together again. Then it says:

"The offerings of the descendents will be transported by Allah, Bani Esra Eil, will be accepted like the old time".

The offerings "Zakat Charity" of the Nation of Ibrahim will be accepted like the old time, Like at the time, when Mohammad was alive and at the time of other Prophets, peace be opun them. And then Allah says:

"We will be judged and he (Dr. Khalifa) will be witness against cheaters, adulterers, those who break promises, those who cheat workers against their wages, oppressed widows, oppressed fatherless children, those who turn away from aliens, and the ones who do fear Allah".

And we are all witnessing those corruptions in today's societies. And then it says,

"Allah system does not change, that is why you descendents of Yaqoub, (Bani Esra Eil=The sons will be transporetd by Allah) have not been destroyed".

That means Bani Isra Eil, Descendents will be transported by Allah are still intact. Then Allah pointing to them:

"From the days of your ancestors, you have ignored my commandments, and have not kept them! Return to me, and I will return to you,"

Allah is talking about the time when Moosaw, Dawood, E-saw, Mohammad (Sura 9) and Dr. Khalifa cursed the Nation of Ibrahim. (You might have listened to Dr. Khalifa's last Friday session tape.) Becasue, they came up with all those fake and False religions which Allah calls them Al-Ahzab, the Parties. Then it talks about Zakat Charities. It says:

"Can a person rob Allah? And then they say, how are we robbing You? (3:8)

And Allah says:

"You are cursed with a curse, for you are robbing Me, the whole Nation of you!" (Nation of Ibrahim) (Malachi 3:9)

And the Lord of Universes said "Because you do not give 1/10TH (%10) of your income to the divinely treasury, so there would be enough provisions in My treasury".

As you know we pay our Zakat in the cause of Allah, and so it Does belong to Allah. So called followers of the Quran they Do Not pay %10 of their Net Income to charity, yet they pay only %2.5 That is why Allah says you are robbing Me. Then the Lord of universes makes a covenant with us and says:

"Give your 1/10th of your income for Zakat charity. Then test Me, I will open the gates of heaven and I will shower you with abundance blessings".

And the Lord of universes will say:

"I will stop insects from eating your crops. They will not destroy the produce of your land. The grapes in your fields will not cast its fruits before the time in the filed." And all the Parties (Jews, Christians and Muslims) shall call you blessed: for you shall be a delightful land."

That means if we want victory and prosperity, the best is to pay our 10 percent Zakat Charity, 10% of our Net Income, then we will see how Allah showers us with His blessings. The Lord says:

"You have spoken arrogantly against Me." "Yet you ask, 'What have we said against You?' "You have said, 'It's pointless to serve Allah. What do we gain if we meet His standards or if we walk around feeling sorry for what we've done?"

Basically it is saying that from the time of After Mohammad, you descendent will be transported by Allah, Bani Esra Eil, have been cheating or Robbing Allah about %7.5 on your Zakat Charities.

Unfortunately we followed blindly from what Dr. Khalifa said (2.5 percent) on our Zakat Charities without asking for any proofs. This chapter was for Dr. Khalifa, messenger of the covenant. Yet he did not notice that at his time. It seems like those who claimed the Arabic Quran came up with that 2.5 percent. If you search in Toraat and Enjeel for (Tithe, 1/10th) you would find out that in both of them Allah prescribed to pay 10 percent of our Net Income for Zakut Charity. And we are all witnessing in our society that how much we are corrupting it and disturbing Allah's balance. But, the most important part is the Charity that we used to pay. Dr. Khalifa just looked at the first couple of verses from chapter 3 of Malachi. Arabic Quran says, we have to believe in Allah's scriptures.

Say, "We believe in Allah, and in what was sent down to us, and in what was sent down to Ibrahim, Esmaeel, Es-howq, Yaaqoub, and the descendents will be tranported by Allah; and in what was given to Moosaw and E-saw, and all the Prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction among any of them. To Him alone we are submitters." (2:136)

It says we should believe in all the scriptures, because it is the continuation of the religion, "Submission", "The Nation of Ibrahim".

One important Hikmat in the Arabic Quran is that, prophet Mohammad was paying his Zakat exactly 10%. Although it was not written in the Quran. Do you know why? Because, Allah ordered him in the Arabic Quran, to believe in the older scriptures. And Allah told him many times in the Arabic Quran,

"Ask the ones who follow the reminder, if you do not know", or He says, "Ask the sons will be transported by Allah, if you do not know". Or He says, "Ask the ones who read the scripture."

And when he read it in the Enjeal and the Toerat, he started to pay his 10% Zakat charity, that is 10% of your Net Income. He did not know the total population in the whole world, and he did not know that how much money is going around the world so he could follow his own desire, and divide these numbers together. He did not idolize himself, he just simply follow the revelations in the Arabic Quran. He was a "Submitter" to Allah. Yet, we do not want to submit.

Now Allah says if you pay your 1/10th of your income for Zakat Charity, I will protect your crops, and will shower you with abundance blessings from the Heaven.

If every one pays their charities, we would not have any homeless on earth, and we would not need any poison pesticides to feed or crops.

All these years we were robbing Allah for %7.5 on our Zakat Charity. The Charity that we pay it must be in the cause of Allah, and it only belongs to Allah. But because we were witnessing those mathematical signs given to Dr. Khalifa, we came up with that reasoning that since he is the one who is receiving those mathematical signs, therefore, what ever he says must be true, and correct. Which we were absolutely wrong!

This is how we fall in to idol worship, and follow some one blindly. Because, without any proves, and signs, we have accepted his words. Yet, we should have asked for proves, or we should have read the whole Malachi ourselves. In a way Allah was showing him the percentage of Zakat Charity, but he did not see that. Thank Allah that after 24 years, now He is showing us how much we have to pay for our Zakat Charities. Please Do Not forget that everything is in accordance with Allah, and was a test for his followers. These Charities are like praying and fasting ritual and all those Prophets and messengers new about it and were respecting it, except us.

Therefore, I repented to Allah, and asked for His forgiveness, and I have started paying %10 of my Net income for Zakat Charity.

When you stop idolizing people, and start reading the Arabic Quran, the main source of the Quran, and asking only Allah to be your teacher, then Allah will take you to the places that no man has touched before.

Also we can clearly notice that Allah reveals what ever He wills to whom ever He wills at anytime He wills. That is why the revelation of the Arabic Quran took 23 years to be revealed to Prophet Mohammad in order to be fixed and established into his heart.

Allah wants us to reflect and think all the time and study His scriptures. Therefore, we do not want to be among the average people. Thank Allah for His Hikmah and knowledge. We should all repent to Allah, and ask for His forgiveness, and stop robbing Allah, and start paying %10 of our income for Zakat Charity. (4/2013)

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