Dear "Submitters to the Covenant of ALLAH with 'Bani Esra Eil'"

"Submit to the Covenant of ALLAH with Descendents who would be Transported by ALLAH from the time of Awedam to the end of this world"

Thank ALLAH for His Awesome "Knowledge" through the "Hikmah" of the Arabic Quran regarding "Religious Sects" (9/5/2020)

ALLAH already blessed us and showed us His "Best Religion" and with that awesome "Hikmah" that "Prophet Mohammad" was Commanded to follow from the "Religion of Ibrahim", and he was a "Submitter to the Covenant of ALLAH with 'Bani Esra Eil' or "Submitter to the Descendents who would be Transported by ALLAH from the time of Awedam to the end of this world." Do you remember? (4:135 - 2:130 - 16:123)

Please notice this important fact over here on (6:161), ALLAH says that If you take any other Religion than Fixed "Religion of Ibrahim", the Unitarian, you would be an "Idol Worshiper", "Moshrik". Meaning those 4200 Fake, False, and Man-Made religions.

Then since ALLAH Commanded "Prophet Mohammad" and the whole world to follow from the "Religion of Ibrahim" therefore, "Prophet Mohammad" and us should not DIVIDE the only "One Religion" of ALLAH "Submit to the Covenant of ALLAH with "Bani Esra Eil" into SECTS.

As you notice in verse (6:65) ALLAH says that "He could have DIVIDED us into SECTS."

* That means, ALLAH DID NOT MAKE these 4200 fake, false and man-made religions but, we Did came up with those False religions, although He could have done that but, ALLAH DID NOT that *

That means all of these 4200 religions are most definitely Fake and Man-Made and they are NOT from ALLAH. ALLAH be Glorified. Yet ALLAH says,

* DO NOT DIVIDE Your Religion into SECTS *

As far as we know at the time of "Prophet Mohammad" there were "Nasara" so called Christians and "Yahood" so called Jews as far as the Arabic Quran concerned and those were the ones who were fighting with ALLAH, His Prophet, and His Arabic Quran.

And now we are the Only One on earth who are Striving in the cause of ALLAH by promoting ALLAH, His Only One Religion, His Arabic Quran and His Mathematical Miracles in the Quran and we are the only one on earth who are Denying all of these 4200 FAKE religions and the whole world is Fighting us and they are trying to Destroy ALLAH's Only One Religion.

Now look at these verses please:

You see verse (5:51) says that "Jews and Christians are 'Transgressors'."

Verse (2:120) says that "Jews and Chrisians have not received any Guidance from ALLAH."

Verse (2:135) says that "Jews and Christians are all "Idol Worshipers", "Moshrik".

Verse (3:67) says that "Jews and Christians are "Idol Worshipers", "Moshrik".

You must know that ALLAH never ever calls these so called Jews and Chritians as "Religion" yet they named themselves with those FAKE names. As the verse (5:14) says, they called themselves as so called "Christians" or "Nasara".

And so called Muslims DO NOT KNOW what Islam "IS"! . . . So called Muslims DO NOT follow from a single Commandment of ALLAH written in His Arabic Quran. That is why they are the most unhappiest people on earth.

* 12 years ago ALLAH already told us that all of these 4200 so called religions are Fake, False and Man-Made religions and now He stamped and sealed it with His verses in His Arabic Quran *

ALLAH be Glorified

Please remember we have the scientifically proven Scripture based on mathematics, the exact science to prove these facts in the Arabic Quran in a Court of Law

*You want to live a life in a different key, otherwise you are just wasting your time*

*We are the only "ALLAH's Activist" in the world*

Thank ALLAH for guiding us to His right path and His Only One Religion. Thank ALLAH for blessing us with all of these "Knowledge" and "Hikmah"