Dear "Submitters to the Covenant of ALLAH with Bani Esra Eil"

"Submit to the Covenant of ALLAH with Descendents who would be Transported by ALLAH from the time of Awedam to the end of this world"

Here is a new "Knowledge" (10/05/2019)

We all know that ALLAH is running everything and sometimes we would not understand the "Hikmah" behind most of His actions.

We know that the Mathematical Miracle of the Arabic Quran is the news of the millennium and it is awesome news from ALLAH the Azeem. We have 1500 pages of computer printout based on mathematics, the exact science which makes the Arabic Quran a scientifically proven scripture. Therefore, all the news media around the world should have been talking about this awesome event yet, everyone is silenced and no one is talking about it especially in USA that every second new news are coming out. Even not so important news like a cat was saved from top of a tree! . . .

I think ALLAH is informing us about the reason behind this unbelievable denial of media. I was watching a program on TV called "Amanpour & Company". She was talking with two persons author "Jeff Sharlet and movie director Jesse Moss". The subject of their talk was on TV series on Netflix called "The Family". Now Christiane Amanpour is in the UK that is why she interview these two guys in US yet, you would not find any important media in USA like NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, PBS, CNN, and other magazines interview these guys because, simply they do not have a permission to do so. . .

And these same media are the ones who are not allowed to talk about these Awesome Mathematical Miracles of the Arabic Quran

Jeff Shartlet is a journalist who has been digging into a Secret Organization Influencing World Leaders, Uniting Church & State whom they call themselves as "The Family".

Jeff became a member of this secret organization for sometimes in order to find out what was going on.

This organization established around 80 years ago and their members are all the US presidents and very important people in government of United States and abroad.

Jeff was digging into a secretive evangelical group influencing politics worldwide. Every once in a while they all attend in "Washington Prayer Breakfast" sponsored by "The Family" an Extremist Christian Religious Cult. They only promote "Jesus" as the savior and they believe that he is coming back.

"The Family" are controlling the government and they are influencing other countries as well. Please watch these tapes and go on to Netflix and watch these series of "The Family":

"The Family" is an American documentary web television miniseries that premiered on Netflix on August 9, 2019. The series examines a conservative Christian group-known as "The Family" or the Fellowship-its history, and investigates its influence on American politics.

Now these people are the ones who are controlling the media. Amongst their members are those high ranking people in CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, FBI, and other important officers.

These are the people who do not allowed the Mathematical Miracles of ALLAH being announced and promoted all because they want to promote only their manmade name "Jesus"

That is why there are so many TV programs about so called "Christianity" and so many preachers have been raping the hearts and souls of the people and no one complains

Off course these are all running by the will of ALLAH. As you know shaytan is the one who promotes evil and vice. That is why ALLAH has been sending those disasters mostly in the Bible Belt area. More than a 1000 tornados every single year, hurricanes, floods, fires, church shootings, church burnings and so on yet, no one cares.

As you know each government has an agenda and they always follow from that agenda. For the time being they must worship a fake and manmade name "Jesus", which this name it is not even in the original "Enjeel" in Aramaic language.

I just remembered that in 1990 after Dr. Khalifa's departure, who was assassinated by a group affiliated with Ben Laden then, ALLAH showed us the historical day of "May 19th" which Dr. Khalifa was inspired to write in his last news letter about his prophecy of "The Smoke" thinking that those oil wells in Saudi Arabia are going to get hit by a "Comet" and that would bring up a huge smoke, which will envelop the whole earth as the consequence of rejecting ALLAH's Mathematical Miracles and His Messenger of the Covenant. As we read in sura 44 "The Smoke".

Later on we found out that event will happen 4 months after Dr. Khalifa's departure as he said so, plus we have received 100 Mathematical confirmations, which proved to us that incident will take place on May 19, 1990.

We took Dr. Khalifa's prophecy and some mathematical miracles of the Quran to Dr. Gerhard, Astronomy professor at the University of Arizona which was across the street from masjid Tucson while he was at lunch with his daughter. When we showed him those long mathematical miracles it got his attention. Then he told his colleague Carl Saigon at the time..

Carl Saigon and his colleagues stayed up the whole night watching the sky in Saudi Arabia looking for a comet as Professor Gerhard told me so!

That prophecy did not take place yet, we were inspired that was a test for the contemporaries of the "Messenger of the Covenant", Dr. Rashad Khalifa, in order to recognize the ones who has truly believed and followed from "ALLAH's Messenger of the Covenant" and ALLAH's Mathematical Miracles. Only a few people past that test and through the years many of them have lost their path and got frozen in time.

Here is my point, In order to announce those awesome Miralces of ALLAH I and Dr. Brown another follower of Dr. Khalifa went to some TV stations and news papers in Tucson Arizona at the time.

The reason I remembered this old piece of history is that I have written some Mathematical Miracles of the Quran in a large notebook in order to show them on TV but, those reporters DID NOT allow me to talk about it because, they have been notified by the government and "The Family" that they should ignore anything has to do with the Mathematical Miracles of the Arabic Quran!

Now I know that CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, and NSA and other government offices have been following from "The Family" that was why they have already been commanding all of those news media to block ALLAH's Mathematical Miracles even 31 years ago. Subhan ALLAH.

Thank ALLAH for informing us some of shaytan's work. As you know he has gotten a permission from ALLAH to mislead people on earth and he is doing his out most because he has a grudge against us especially when shaytan found out that the Mathematical Miracle of the Arabic Quran was delivered inside of one of his organization, "Anheuser Busch, Monsanto". As you might know this company is changing the creation of ALLAH.

Thank ALLAH now we know who is against ALLAH's awesome Mathematical Miracles in the Arabic Quran

One of the reason that today's humans do not deserve to be guided by ALLAH on this era is because of their own wrong doings. We are witnessing that majority of the humans storming the gates of Hell, and only minority of the minority of the people are going to make it to the Heaven.

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Thank ALLAH for guiding us to His right path and thank ALLAH for blessing us with all of these "Knowledge" and "Hikmah"

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