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Do not violate the Sabbath

The theme of the Quran revolves around the unity of God. The mathematics of the Quran is designed as a formidable mechanism to guard against any distortion attributed to God. Case in example is the two false verses, 9:128 and 9:129 rejected by the Ultimate Mathematics of the Quran. God tells us that His system is immutable. God is the One who established timing devices for us and He is the One who has counted the number of all things and has decreed the religion for us. A point of contention amongst the Christians, Jews and Muslims is which day is the Sabbath. Let us look at the days of the week in Hebrew.

Days of

the week

in Hebrew


Yom Ree-Shon


Yom She-Nee


Yom Shelee-She



Yom Re-Ve-ee


Yom Ha-Mee-Shee


Yom Shee-Shee


Yom Sabbath


Days of

the week

in Arabic
















Many people do not know that the Friday in the Arabic week is the sixth day of the week rather than the seventh day. Also many people do not know that the word Sabt in Arabic as well as its counterpart Sabbath in Hebrew means REST. The word Sabt or Sabbath has been used in the Quran five (5) times and all refer to the violation of the Sabbath and the punishment rendered by God for this transgression. In 16:124 God tells the following;

F e Fo C COhC nC PGwC V DC 16:124

16:124 - Indeed the Sabbath was set up against those who insist upon disputing it. And indeed your Lord will surely judge amongst them on the Day of Resurrection regarding their disputes.

There is no question that Friday is a work day according to the Quran. God specifically commands us to drop all business and go the Salat and once it is over get back to work. God states this in 62:9,10

pm C CvD WC k CmC CC nC DD 62:9
ϷN O C ph m GC Com C

62:9 - O you who believe, when the announcement of the prayer on Friday is called, you shall rush to the remembrance of God, and drop all business. This is better for you if you only knew.

CpmC C Щ COFC oDC CpOD C P CmD 62:10

62:10 - Then once the contact prayer is finished, you shall disperse throughout the land, and seek Gods bounty and commemorate God2566 frequently that you may succeed.

Therefore, according to the Quran, we are not to violate the Sabbath. Therefore, Jews are holding the correct day as it is commanded by God. We should immediately embrace the truth as an impartial community.

All the verses from the Quran about the Sabbath :

wh kp C D PGwC ClOC nC O l - 2:65

2:65-And when it was found that some of you violated the Sabbath, We said to them; become lowly apes.

C G D Dl Dr DF CC HOC CNC nC DD - 4:47
D PGwC HeC D D C DoDFkC Dkp DV xخ
D C pC

4:47- O you who have received the scripture, believe in what We have revealed, confirming what you already have, before We condemn certain faces, then turn them backward, or curse them as We cursed the people of the Sabbath. And, God's command is always carried out.

D ClWv EDGC ChkC D SF oC Dܷo -4:154

4:154- Furthermore, We raised over them the Tur according to a covenant with them and We told them, enter the gate while prostrating and We told them not to violate the Sabbath, and We took a solemn covenant from them.

PGwC l mC peGC pDd PD OC pC v -7:163
G n NDN D OGw D Dpz OGv DOd NDN mC

7:163- And ask them about the town by the sea when they violated the Sabbath, when they observed their Saturdays, plentiful fishes came to them, and when they did not have Sabbath, tthey (fishes) did not come to them. This is how We tested them because of the wickedness they practiced.

F e Fo C COhC nC PGwC V DC - 16:124

16:124- . Indeed the Sabbath was only decreed for those who disputed it. And indeed your Lord will surely judge amongst them on the Day of Resurrection regarding their disputes.

Co oDC V DNDGv C DvDG C V nC -25:47

25:47- And He is the One who made the night a cover for you and the sleep as a comfort and the daylight for resurrection.

DNDGv DV - 78:9

78:9- And made the sleep for you to rest.

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Therfore, on Sabbath, 7th day of the week, Saturday, we should REST and do not go after GOD's provision, like the people of the Sabbath in 4:47 did.

In some countries people work six days per week, and some countries like U.S. people work 5 days per week. But, as far as GOD is concern, working days should be 6 days per week, not 5 days per week.

We go after GOD's provision 6 days per week, and on the 7th day we should not work and we should rest, because GOD, The All Gracious, The All Meciful is giving us one day off. Although all other creatures of GOD go after GOD's provisions every day of the week. GOD created us and He knows that 6 days per week is best for us.

In 50:38 GOD is hinting us about 6 days, GOD created everything in 6 days, and He did not get tired, and He did not rest, but we get tired and we need to rest. (Rest menas, do not go to work, do not go after GOD's provision, do not go to work, in order to earn money.)

E Dw D DC Ov DF D oDC MwC Dh l -50:38

50:38- And We indeed created the skies and the land and everything between them in six days, and no fatigue ever touched Us.

And again in 78:9-11 GOD telling us about when to rest and when to go after GOD's provision.

DNDGv DV -78:9

78:9- And made the sleep for you to rest.

DvDG C DV -78:10

78:10- And made the night a cover.

DzD oDC DV -78:11

78:11- And made the daylight to earn a living.