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(Message of Allah To The Whole World)

The Arabic Quran is the only untouched message of Allah

Attention to all so called Religions of our time:

Indeed The Only Religion At Allah Is "Submission"

"Say, my Lord has guided me to a Straight Path, a Right Religion,

"The Nation of Ebrahim", Monotheism,

"Total Submission to Allah's Rules".

"And who will turn away from 'The Nation of Ebrahim' except he who makes a FOOL of himsel? And indeed we have chosen him in this world, and indeed he is going to be with the righteous in the Hereafter"

"And he was never of those associating partners(with Allah). Say, my Contact Prayers and my Rituals and my life and my death, all are for Allah alone, the Lord of the universes. There is no partner for Him, and thus I am commanded. And I am the first of Submitters. Say, shall I seek a lord other than Allah, when He is the Lord of all things? No soul benefits except from its own works; none bears the burden of another. Then you will all return to your Lord, and He will inform you regarding all your disputes. It is He who appointed you inheritors of the earth, and He raised some of you above others in rank, in order to test you in accordance with what He has given you. Surely, your Lord is quick in punishment, and He is indeed Forgiver, Merciful." Arabic Quran (6:161-165)

Please pay attention: All references to so call Islam in News Media and other forums have nothing to do with the Quran and the religion of "Submission". Quran is for all the people in the world who seek protection for themselves, regardless of their race and nationalities. Quran comes with specific sets of dietary instructions to protect you in this life and teaches you how to get back to our creator in perfect security. The Arabic Quran Only promotes following the religion of Ibrahim, "Submission"

The Arabic Quran explains to you in detail what the religion of "Submission" or "The Nation of Ebrahim", or "Religion of Ebrahim", or

"Bani Isra-Eil" = "The Sons will be Transported by The All Powerful"

For The First Time In History, After 1400 Years, we have The Purified Arabic Quran

The Arabic Quran is for all the people in the world who seek protection for themselves, regardless of their race and nationalities. The Abrabic Quran comes with specific sets of dietary instructions in order to protect you in this life and teaches you how to get back to our creator in perfect security.

"The Most Important News Of Our Time"

The Arabic Quran, final message of Allah, advocates worship of Allah Alone. Allah asks us in the Arabic Quran to follow the "Nation of Ebrahim", Monotheism, and be a "Submitter" to Allah. "Submission" is the only religion accepted by Allah. "Submission" is the religion of all the seven universes. From after Ebrahim, Allah has been sending messengers to "The Sons will be Transported by the All Powerful", (by mistake we used to call them children of Israel!) "Isra-Eil" means "WillTransport by the All Powerful". Allah has preferred "Bani Isra-Eil", "The Sons will be transported by the All Powerful"over all the people in this world by sending them messengers and scriptures. That is why Allah has been sending messengers only to the "The Sons will be Transported by the All Powerful"; Eismail, Eis-Hauq, Yaqoub, Yusuf, (Daw-wood, Soleymon were sent to the sons whom Allah Transported, and all the people in the world), Moo-saw, and E-saw son of Maryam. Then Muhammad, the last Prophet of Allah was sent to all the people in the world, including "The Sons will be Transported by the All Powerful". Please remember that "Bani Isra-Eil" or "The Sons will be Transported by the All Powerful" has nothing to do with those who call themselves "Jewish". That was a satanic trick! . . .

A believer, "Submitter", is the one who believes in Allah, and believes in all of Allah's messengers who came to "The nation of Ebrahim", "Religion of Ebrahim", father of "Bani Isra-Eil", "Father of the Sons will be Transported by the All Powerful" and he or she believes in all the Scriptures came with them, and believes in the Angels, and The Last day. Therefore, any religious names rather than "Submission" come to your mind, it is only a Manmade, Fake, And False religion, and Allah calls them "Parties"; Jews, Christians, and this last one Islam, and the other 4200 manmade religions.

Unfortunately through the years satan came up with Translations of those Scriptures, in order to mislead people. The reason why there are so many religions and sects and divisions between these manmade religions, is that each Party started to follow translators or Interpreters of the Scriptures according to their personal understanding of the Scriptures. That is why in each corner of this world we are witnessing a group of people idolizing a translator of a scripture or a preacher or a leader of a Church or a Mosque or a Synagogue. And 99.99 present of these people have not learned the language in which their scriptures was send down with, that is why they are blindly following their leaders and they became slaves of those Translators. In fact satan stoned and cursed the Scriptures by making us to Translate the Scriptures.

In the Arabic Quran, Allah specifically emphasized in 12 verses that the Quran was sent down in an Arabic language, and Allah wants us to learn the Arabic language in order to understand the Quran, and He promised us that He will teach us literacy, and He will teach us the knowledge which came with the Arabic Quran. Allah is not going to teach us the translaions of the English Quran, or Farsi Quran. Those are not from Allah, but from translators. Therefore, we should not read any translation of the Quran, or any other Scriptures, instead we should study the Arabic Quran, and regarding other Scriptures we should refer to their original language. Becasue, if we do, that means we have taken translators as a partner besides Allah, because Allah is The Only Teacher of the Arabic Quran. For more Quranic facts please go here.

The Arabiic Quran has a buit-in physical evidence that it is Allah's message to the humanity, it is mathematically composed far beyond human capablity

"The Quran is characterized by a unique phenomenon never found in any human authored book. Every element of the Quran is mathematically composed, the chapters, the verses, the words, the number of certain letters, the number of words from the same root, the number and variety of divine names, the unique spelling of certain words, the absence or deliberate alteration of certain letters within certain words, and many other elements of the Quran besides its content. There are two major facets of the Quran's mathematical structure system : (1) The mathematical literary composition, and (2) The mathematical structure involving the numbers of chapters and verses. Because of this comprehensive mathematical coding, the slightest distortion of the Quran's text or physical arrangement is immediately exposed." (Rashad Khalifa, Ph.D. Biochemist, Scientists)

English Translation of The Quran, The Final Testamant by Dr. Rashad Khalifa

We are receiving a heavy message from Allah The Almighty, Ultimate Mathematics (journal_of_submission)

"The Quran is a fully detailed book revealed by GOD and it is mathematically coded by GOD through the "Ultimate Mathematics" of primes, twin primes, composites, twin prime companions and their relations to their respective indices. In fact, Untimate Mathematics generates the Quran automatically. The beacon along this awesome mathematical code is the 8th prime number, 19 (Quran -- 74:30 -- Over it, is 19). Ultimate Mathematics uses sophisticated relations in number systems, all unknown to mankind, crosses number bases and has formidable group structure. For more information on this awesome mathematical code, please click on menu item "Ultimate Mathematics". Again, emphasizing that the mathematics of primes, twin primes, composites, twin prime companions, Mersenne primes, Gaussian primes and their relations to their indices as well as their inter-indexal relations are not known to us. We have noted that the Quran is an eternal book and the "Ultimate Mathematics" is actually the generator of the Quran. In other words, Ultimate Mathematics was materialized in the form of a book called the Quran about 1400 years ago." (AliReza Fazely, Ph.D. Phisist Scientist, and Mr. Milan Sulc)

The book of "Ultimate Mathematics of the Arabic Quran" is now available, please read it at: Here

English Translation of The Quran, The Final Testamant by Dr. AliReza Fazely

For complete set of Dr. Khalifa's news letters please go Here and for Dr. Fazely's News letters please go Here

Around 100 A.D. (1900 years ago) the Arabic language came to existence, which was speaking by Nomads who were Arabian tribes living in Arabian desert. This language was driven from Aramaic and then from Nabatian. The Arabic Quran call these people "Ommi-een" as we read in 2:78:

And amongst them are the "Ommi-een" who do not know the scripture except what they only wished, and indeed they only guessed." Another words, they would say what ever they wished and guessed, then they say, this is from the book! Just like Australian Aborigines, or Native Americans, who do not have any scripture.

Then little by little these Tribes moved to Mecca, the most important community at that time. Around 500 A.D. the Arabic Script came to existence, which was a branch of Nabatian Script.

Later the marking of vowels or using diacritics were added to the Arabic script for ease of reading, since Arabic text dose not have any vowels. By using diacritics, some characters of Arabic alphabet have been replaced, and at the same time some characters were added to the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet. Ever since, by the will of Allah, we have been deprived from the correct spelling of some of the words in the Arabic Quran. That is why today we have 50 different Arabic Qurans, each with different spellings, sura number, and Verse numbers. For detail information about Arabic script please click Here and then come back please.

And 100 years after that, with the will of Allah, The Almighty, on the 27th blessed night of the blessed month of Ramadan of the year 13 B.H. (610 A.D.), prophet Muhammad's soul was taken up by the Holy Spirit together with the angles as the starts were falling away. They took him from the Sacred Mosque in Mecca to the Farthest Mosque in the highest horizon, some where about 25 million years from our planet. Then, Allah came down as close to Muhammad as two bows length, as he was looking at Allah, and awesomeness of surroundings, there the Almighty Allah placed the blessed Arabic Quran into Muhammad's heart. Peaceful it was until the advent of the dawn.

Later on, over a period of 23 years, through Rooh Jebraiel's mediation, the "Arabic Quran" was being recited to him with special instructions as to which revelation goes where in the Quran, and he wrote it down with his own hand. After departure of Allah's final prophet, Muhammad, peace be upon him (27:59), from this world, the scribes who wanted to copy the Quran and take it to different countries; they added 2 false ayaat (verses) at the end of sura (chapter) 9, in order to idolize the prophet. This horrendous crime caused a 50-year war between idol worshippers and Submitters. Finally Umayyad rulers burned the original "Arabic Quran", written by Muhammad's hand in order to avoid any future disputes. Ever since, the whole world was deprived from the original "Arabic Quran".

The Arabic Quran is the Final Testament, and Muhammad was the last prophet. Prophets are the ones who bring the scriptures and messenger's job is to confirm the existing scripture and comes with a espicail sign from Allah. According to the Arabic Quran, all the prophets were "prophet messengers". Muhammad was an "Om-mee" himself, from "Ommi-een", [ Nomads, " Who did not know the scripture except what they only wished, and indeed they only guessed.] (7:157-158) as it was mentioned above 2:78.

The Arabic Quran consists of about 11,950 words repeated only one time, and the whole book consists of about 114,000 words. The Arabic Quran is very advanced in its literature since the books that were in existence at the time could not compare to the complexity of the Arabic Quran's words or poetry.

The Arabic language is the most efficient language in the world, especially when it comes to the precise statement of laws. For example the word "they" in English does not tell you the gender of them, but, in Arabic language there are "they" for males, and "they" for females. Also there are "they" for tow females and "they" for tow males. This feature does not exist in any other language in the world. The word "Ghaa la taa" of 28:23 is a single word, but translates in to four English words: "The two women said." Such is the efficincy of the Arabic language.

And less than hundred years after revelation of the Arabic Quran, Arabs started to cuncurring the neighboring countries and took the copies of the Arabic Quran to those countries and later on the Arabic language replaced the original language of those counries (850 A.D.) By reading the the Arabic Quran and realizing the sophistication of the Arabic Quran, many writers and poets began to improve their poor work of writting, and some of them were encouraged to challenge the literary excellence of the Arabic Quran. Actually, Literary Excellence of the Arabic Quran, was the cause of, improvements, in civilization and culture of today's Arab countries, and Middle Eastern countries, specially iranians. For example, the father of Iranian poetry, "Roodakey", came 285 years after the revelation of the Arabic Quran, and all his poems were in Arabic language. Most poets used to memorize the Arabic Quran, In order to learn the formula of writing, poets, and poetry, and literature. One example was very famous Iranian poet, "Howfe.", (meaning, the one who memorized), because, he had the Arabic Quran memorized. However when you read their poems, you would find out that it has nothing to do with the Arabic Quran, but just some "Hallmark, Greeting Cards" wordings. E-raw nian poetries, are, more than any other countries, in the world, filled, with Quranic revelations turned upside down. But, unfortunately they only learned poetry and literature from the Arabic Quran, instead of learning Al lah's guidance and true words of Allah! But, then through the years Iranians followed those poets, and tried to understand what they are saying, and then they fell in love with them, and they completely forgot Allah's message in the Arabic Quran. And now we are all witnessing the result of playing with the words of Allah, and turning away from Allah's book.

(The reason I repeat "the Arabic Quran" is because, Allah say, Arabic Quran 12 times in His Arabic Quran). That is why they came up with a religion that has nothing to do with Allah and the Arabic Quran as we are all witnessing in today's so called Islamic societies.

-Nabatian --> Arabic Language ---- dddddd-- -----Arabic Script- --Quran - - - -Middle Eastern & Arab Poets Came to Existence (250 A.H.)

a_______ _____ l ____________________ l ______ l ___________ l --

___l_____l_____l_____l_____l_____l_____l_____l_____l_____l_____l_____l_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

100 B.C. - 0 - - 100 - - 200 - - 300 - - 400 - - 500 - - 600- - -700 - - 800 - -900 - - 1000- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2000 A.D.

_______________________________________________ l

-------------------------------------------------------------Arabs cuncurred the neighboring countries

The word "Quran", means "The book that has to be read", and the teacher of the Arabic Quran is Allah (55:1-2). Not the teacher of English Quran, or Farsi Quran. Unlike any other book, the Arabic Quran can be read an infinite number of times, and a sincere and pure person would get new information each time. Allah uses His attributes to describe the Arabic Quran. The Arabic Quran is a source of guidance, contains Healing and Blessing (17:82), there is Guidance in the Arabic Ghor-on (2:185 and 17:9). The Arabic Quran is Great (15:87). The Arabic Quran is Honorable (56:77). The Arabic Quran is Glorious (50:1). The Arabic Quran is full of Hikmah (36:2).Here are the names of the Arabic Quran:

Beautiful names of the Arabic Quran

The Only Key To Understand The Arabic Quran Is To Have A "Pure Heart"

Allah revealed His scriptures through His prophet messengers, for the benefit of all the people (25:1; 34:28). Therefore, no copyright rules apply when dealing with Allah's scriptures. As human beings, it is our right to print, copy, and use any of Allah's scriptures. This web site does not have any copyright protection; it was built in the cause of Allah. Please copy or down load the Arabic Quran onto your web site or your computer. You would want to print the Arabic Quran for your personal use, so you could study it or translate it for yoursef, therefore on the Day of the Judgment there will be no excuses (4:165).

These awesome scientifically mathematical sings purified the Arabic Quran from any distortions, and now after 1400 years, for The First Time In History, the purified Arabic Quran, almost as it was revealed to prophet Muhammad is available in this web site. Another words, Allah is informing us in the most logical way possible, that among all these scriptures, the Arabic Quran is the only untouched message of Allah. The Arabic Quran explains to you in detail what the religion of "Submission" means.

Now when the Arabic Quran says that Moses split the sea with his cane, or Jesus revived the dead, we can absolutely believe in it; we no longer have to accept such miracles by faith! We have scientific proof. The difference between this mathematical sign and the older signs, is that the older signs were witnessed by only a few people who lived at that time, but this mathematical sign can be observed by everyone, at all times. And most of all Allah unveals the secret of happiness in this life and the life after here, in the Arabic Quran.

In this website you would find the Arabic Quran in sequential revelaion order to prophet Muhammad, and also in the sequencial order which Holy Spirit instructed Muhammad, for the later generations. One of the reason was, that the mathematical signs of the Arabic Quran to be unveiled in our era.

I would suggest reading the Arabic Quran in the order revelations revealed to Prophet Mohammad, so you would know exactly how he went through in the courses of history.


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